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WUB x Local Collaborations

What's Up, Brew? is an advocate of local independent businesses. We believe in partnerships. We aren't just another supplier sending you a product on every transaction, we want to share our passion for exceptional coffee and support local products with our brand partners.

Our team is looking for long-term relationships that bring value to both parties -- let's call it a win-win.

See some of our collaborations with awesome local brands below:


WUB x Sunday Zen PH

Mother's Day Collection 2021


WUB x The Happy Juans (Friends Limited Edition sets)





WUB x Las Arca PH


WUB x Prints & Designs by K


WUB x Pensee Gifting Studio


WUB x Pepita's Gift Metier


WUB x The Cork Project MNL


WUB x Kamila's 4AM Art / Ellie Summer Soaps